GAS BOILER + GAS COOKER  incl. pipe work        
GAS OPEN FLUE FIREPLACE (with chimney)          
DECORATIVE GAS FIREPLACE                             
ADDITIONAL APPLIANCES                                   ​​​​​
CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM*                             
*carbon monoxide alarms are fitted for free of charge, you just pay cost price


       £ 45.00

       £ 25.00

       £ 10.00

       £ 15.00

       £ 25.00

All Prices incl. VAT


Prices not included spare service parts if requied




Please note a back boiler is two appliances (fire front and back boiler).

If an appliance or property fails a landlord gas safety inspection it is still chargeable.

Landlord Gas Safe Certificate CP12

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