Heating system cleansing using Sentinel PowerFlush

Without treatment, corrosion debris can accumulate in your boiler and heating system causing limescale, sludge, rust,  reduced efficiency and eventually boiler breakdown. Powerflushing is the most efficient and effective method of cleaning central heating systems.

We are using Sentinel JetFlush 4 power flushing machine which is one of

the most powerfull on the market and Sentinel flushing chemicals.


Key benefits:

Powerflush complete system clean

Corrosion inhibitor treatment

Improved system efficiency and reduced fuel costs

Reduced boiler/ radiator noises

Greatly reduced potential for system (incl boiler) breakdowns.

 Keep your heating system working at maximum efficiency.  

Southampton Powerflush Powerflushing Hampshire
Powerflushing Southampton Power Flush
radiators cleaning powerflush power flushing Southampton

You may need a power flush if:
You have had a new boiler installed (as part of the guarantee)
Repeated pump failures
Does it take ages to heat up
Strange noises from the boiler
If some radiators are partially or completely cold or blocked
Is your heating showing signs of old age
Do the radiators require frequent bleeding
Are the radiator valves leaking and difficult to operate
Are some radiators cold at the bottom or in the middle

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